PostgreSQL for Everybody

This web site provides free / OER materials to help you learn the PostgreSQL database. You can take this course and receive a certificate at:

When you take this course we will provide you with a small PostgreSQL server with limited capabilities. You will need a PostgreSQL client to run your SQL commands and send them to your PostgreSQL server. All the examples in the course use the simple "least common demoninator" command line client called psql.

We have arranged to make it so you can run psql for this course using a completely free account from PythonAnywhere.

You can install a wide range of PostgreSQL Clients for your system if you like. Some will work better than others with the limited database that we give you for this course.


This site uses Tsugi framework to embed a learning management system into this site and handle the autograders. If you are interested in collaborating to build these kinds of sites for yourself, please see the website.


The material produced specifically for this site is by Charles Severance and others and is Copyright Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 unless otherwise indicated.

Copyright Creative Commons Attribution 3.0